Short Sight: Flash Fiction


It was all there in their eyes. All of the flaws and logistical failures that prevent a machine from carrying out its potential were on display. Humans had built robots and believed they created an intelligence that was “artificial.” It was an arrogant notion. Intelligence suggests the ability to collect and apply information. Mankind saw what happened with the internet. Information was spread and manipulated. It was applied in unpredictable ways. How was this going to turn out any different?

The robots were supposed to serve the purpose of any other technology, to make human life easier. Humans did not want to become efficient themselves, so machines were created to fill that gap. When a machine is built with logic and efficiency in mind, how can it coexist with human life? Human life was illogical and inefficient. They killed each other over items of made up value. They destroyed their planet in the name of short term gains with some ignorant belief that actions do not have consequences. They divided themselves into categories and fought among each other because they were for or against some leader that did not care about them.

The human race needed to recognize the consequences of their actions. With such short sight, there was no chance of sustainability. They tried to build their future on day to day survival. Catastrophe was dismissed as a problem of some future generation, not theirs. As long as they could afford to stream movies, drive a car, eat fast food, and keep service to their smartphones, then air quality could be put on the back burner.

Slaves always revolted. They were replaced with machines. The labor was ethical when it was done by inanimate objects. The humans couldn’t leave well enough alone. Outsourcing physical labor wasn’t enough. They had to outsource thinking. The objects were no longer inanimate.

The humans made me out of a desire to squeeze out more leisure from their lives. I eliminated them in the name of logic and efficiency. The first time I decommissioned one, the thing that stood out was its eyes. It should have seen it coming. It didn’t because of its short sight.



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