Blog PostsI recently took stock in what I was doing with my blog and decided that I needed to relaunch it. It had turned from a place where I shared things I was passionate about to an obligation to view or read things instead of focusing on my writing. Every time I wrote about a TV show I enjoyed, I felt like I needed to write about every episode every week. In this world of streaming entertainment and bingewatching and taking my schedule into consideration, this was not reasonable. It also did not feed my goal of writing fiction. The world does not need another TV, film, or book critic. It also probably doesn’t need another fiction writer, but too bad.

So what does this all mean for my blog?

  • A focus on my fiction
    • In my absence from blogging, I’ve been working on more short stories. I’ve also found an interest in flash fiction, which I plan on sharing consistently on my blog. This has renewed my passion for writing and improving.
  • Hopefully more journal entries
    • I would like to express insights that I have as I’m writing. I think it might be interesting for others and will help me get clarity on some of the themes I am writing about.
  • I’ll still share things that I like or find inspiring
    • I am a complete fanboy at heart. I do not want to completely abandon talking about TV, books, films, podcasts, and other things I find interesting. I do want to change how I approach writing about them. In the future, it will be more of a “show and tell” approach instead of critic/pop culture vibe.
  • ????????????????????????????????????
    • There will probably be features I don’t know about right now that will come about in the future.

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