Bridal Shower: Flash Fiction

1I hated that I thought about the wedding planning in that moment of chaos. It had already taken up enough of my moments with Morgan, which I realized were more valuable by the second. So much time and effort had gone into trying to celebrate our love, but at what cost? I thought the worst cost was the thousands of dollars that we were pouring into one day instead of something more practical and permanent like a house. How foolish was I? How did I ever think in terms of permanence?  The actual cost of the wedding was the the loss of time.

The trips to the florists talking about colors and arrangements should have been trips to somewhere we had never been before. The tours of venues should have been long days staying in bed, laying together. The negotiations with caterers and DJs should have been meaningful conversations with each other. It shouldn’t have taken an intergalactic event to embrace vulnerability.

We were in the middle of arguing over whether or not to invite my alcoholic Uncle Todd as we calculated the expenses of our guest list.

“I don’t want to spend $75 to have someone that is a loser and possibly a menace come to our wedding,” Morgan said.

“I understand. I don’t want him there either, but what am I supposed to tell my family? They’re going to be angry at me and it’s probably going to be more of an issue if we don’t invite him than if we do. He may not even show up.”

Morgan’s response was interrupted by alerts on our phones and television. I expected an Amber Alert, tornado watch, or thunderstorm. Looking down at my phone, I felt like it was April Fool’s day. I couldn’t comprehend why it read, “Meteor Shower.”

The panic in our neighborhood set in quickly. People scrambled around searching for bomb shelters. A group of people knelt and held hands as they prayed. Morgan and I had limited options for survival, so we chose acceptance.

The sky lit up  in a beauty that couldn’t have been provided by any of the wedding decorators or florists. We ran hand in hand towards the hill, away from the panicked masses. At the top of the hill, we looked into each other’s eyes and pledged our undying love to each other. We kissed and embraced as we watched the incoming onslaught of beautiful space matter. The death that may have been destined to part us was on its way, but we were finally celebrating our love properly.



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