I am really torn right now. There were so many plot-holes in this episode that I am tempted to concede to the critics that this season is just not going to be that good. However, I think about what I would be doing with this story long term and wonder if these episodes can even be judged in isolation. The one thing I know for sure is that I still stand by my opinion after episode 1 that this season is better when the clowns aren’t around.

I am not even going to go into all the plot-holes. The characters still continue to be caricatures, but I explained in my last post that it’s what this show has always done, but makes you care about them through the performances. All I can really offer is where I hope the season goes.

I am hoping that all of the plot-holes and on-the-nose stuff is explained later on. There are themes of the consequences of fear and blind adherence to an ideology. I am hoping that there will be some sort of twist (hopefully not in a gimmicky way) that shows we are not seeing reality right now. After the end of this episode, I think that we are seeing things through Ally’s delusional point of view and that she might actually be a serial killer or involved in the cult somehow.

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