I waited until all of the episodes were out before I wrote about Twin Peaks The Return. The original series was one of the most influential shows of all time and I am a big fan. I’m also a big fan of David Lynch. Anything he creates, I will give a chance, even if I don’t end up liking it. He takes chances and experiments, which some people categorize as pretentious, but I dig it most of the time.

One David Lynch project I was not crazy about was the Twin Peaks prequel movie Fire, Walk With Me. The first couple of episodes of Twin Peaks The Return had me worried that it was going to be more Fire, Walk With Me than the original series. After viewing the series in its entirety, I think it actually was a lot more cohesive than it originally seemed.

I really enjoyed the use of all of the old characters and the addition of new ones. The really “out there” moments that I feared would channel Fire, Walk With Me, were actually more reminiscent of Eraserhead. This was shown by a strong use of black and white.  There was also an interesting use of musical performances at the end of most episodes.

From what I have read, Lynch intended it to be more of a long movie than a traditional TV show. This makes sense to me after seeing the whole run of the series. I’m not going to get into storylines because there is way too much to unravel. However, this series was an interesting piece of art to experience and created a great dreamlike atmosphere. The original Twin Peaks ended on a cliffhanger with no intention of continuing. The return was no different. This has been a divisive choice, but I thought it was a fitting. The ending was ambiguous and allowed the story to continue to exist in a dreamlike state. If more Twin Peaks comes down the road, I won’t complain. If it does not, I’m grateful for this second trip to that creepy little town.

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