One of the biggest problems I encounter is trying to relax and get out of my head. It is very hard for me to shut off my brain and go to sleep at night. This isn’t a case of me bragging about my intellect because the ratio of minute bullshit to world changing issues is pretty embarrassing. Even more embarrassing are the instances where the two collide. Usually, the worst consequence of this is me saying, “What?” to someone because I was too focused on whether Costco’s refusal to sell firearms would negate my plan to haul up in one if there was a zombie apocalypse. The consequences of not being able to shut off my brain became greater all because of a wine bottle.

I am a pretty simple man, but sometimes I like to indulge in a glass or two of cabernet after work. I feel less guilty about drinking on a weekday when I have wine instead of whiskey because it is classy and there are antioxidants and shit. The point is, I drink wine sometimes, but I am not enough of an aficionado or multiple bottle purchaser to have a wine rack.  

There was a weeknight that I was not drinking, and thus not thinking about the bottle of wine that I had on top of my refrigerator. As I put away some food in the refrigerator, I felt an object hit me in the head. After my initial surprise, I looked at the floor to see a full bottle of Cabernet.  My natural reaction was to just shake it off and move on. After some Googling and my wife checking to see how my pupils looked, I determined I was fine and just had a headache. I iced my head and went to sleep.

The next day, I woke up with my headache well intact and then some. I ignored it and went to work. Work was as much fun as might be expected. My head was pounding and concentration was fading as the day went on. There is more to relay about this day, but my brain has since, lost that information. Once I finally got off work and went home, I did not do anything but sleep.

The next morning, my headache wasn’t nearly as bad and it was actually the best I had felt since the whole “getting hit with the wine bottle” thing. I went to work and midway through the day found out that I had made a terrible choice. I struggled to focus, felt dizzy, and ended up leaving to go to the emergency room.

At the emergency room, I tried to remind myself that people were probably there for more embarrassing stuff than my wine bottle encounter. Despite that, it was still embarrassing. After an exam, I was diagnosed with a minor concussion.  The doctor told me to stay home from work and stimulate my brain as little as possible. No screens, no reading.

I laid around trying to relax. It was pretty rough. When you are supposed to sit around doing as little as possible, it is really hard not to think the entire time. I started thinking about random things and then I started thinking about how I was supposed to not be thinking and thinking about how not to be thinking about not thinking. It was a whole Inception of thinking about not thinking.

Luckily, it seems that avoiding screens and reading for a while helping me recover despite not being able to shut off my brain. I happy to be back using screens and reading. Now it’s time to get rolling on writing again.

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