I loved this trailer so much! This show is so cool for so many reasons. I know it cashes in on nostalgia, but it is also its very own unique thing. The cast is fantastic as well. The Halloween setting and release date, with Thriller blasting in the trailer, is perfect!


This trailer was quality, just like all of The Walking Dead‘s other trailers. I’ve defended the show in the past when people have criticized the pacing. However, the story is at a point that needs the show to put the pedal to the metal. Hopefully, this trailer is an indication of that and this season will not milk the story for as long as possible. The big twist in the trailer is an old Rick at the end. I know how the story goes from the comic and why there is a time jump with Rick, but I am surprised the show is going in that direction at this point.


I was a little disappointed that a majority of the trailer was a recap of last season. However, the new footage was cool and I am really looking forward to what they do with Scarecrow.


Awesome trailer! I love DC Comics but the DCU has been very uneven and incohesive. There were individual scenes of Batman V Superman that I greatly enjoyed, but it didn’t work as a movie. I’m really hoping this Justice League movie is great. One thing from the trailer many people have talked about is who Alfred is talking to at the end. I am in the camp of people speculating that it is Green Lantern. I think DC is trying to set it up like it is Superman, but throw in a major surprise.


The Mighty Thor had a mighty trailer! I never understood all of the hate the first two Thor movies received. I thought they had great casts and were entertaining. This movie looks absolutely epic! I don’t even know what to say. Hulk talking! Loki and Thor together! Badass Cate Blanchett! JEFF. MUTHA. F%&*@ING. GOLDBLUM!

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