I’ve been a fan of the guys at Sterling and Stone and their fiction for quite some time. Sean Platt and David Wright’s series Karma Police does not disappoint. The series was inspired by another book I really enjoyed, Every Day by David Levithan. They take the idea of a first person narrator waking up in a different person’s body every day and put their own spin on it. The result is a thrilling, character-driven narrative with elements of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and noir. Each book is a stand alone novella in the same world, revealing more of the overall story. The whole idea of a person waking up as someone else every day really allows for an exploration of many different characters. This series can be very emotionally charged at times, in addition to creating suspense with the mysteries it develops. So far, four novellas have been released in the series: Jumper, Karma Police, The Collectors, and Deviant. The final two books, The Fall and Homecoming, are currently available for pre-order (I’ve already ordered them). I have enjoyed each of these engaging, quick reads and look forward to the future entries in the series.

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