Ease For Idle Millionaires

Delphine has been a frustrating character throughout the series because you never know what she is actually thinking or who she is actually helping. Her relationship with the audience seems to mirror her relationship with Cosima. You just need to trust that she has a plan and that it is for the best.

The big development out of this episode was that Westmoreland’s plan is to harvest Kira’s eggs to 1300 surrogates. He is taking advantage of her healing properties.

Manacled Slim Wrists

This episode brought back Krystal, which allowed Tatiana Maslany the opportunity to give an over the top, hilarious performance. Krystal and her roommate accidentally come across Dyad’s plans that involve cosmetics and Kira.

It is revealed that all of Westmoreland’s BS with his island is a ruse to use children’s blood in an attempt to extend his own life. Susan tries to kill him, but Mud backs out on the plan. Cosima exposes Westmoreland and the island inhabitants riot.


  • I believe that Alison and Helena will play a big part in the backend of this season because they have not been featured much so far.
  • Mud is to this show what Carl is to The Walking Dead… she messes up everything!
  • Only 4 episodes left… AAAAHHH!

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