I previously wrote about the book The Girl With All the Gifts. Recently I finished another M.R. Carey book, Fellside. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There were not very many similarities between this book and The Girl With All the Gifts, but they both take familiar genres and turn them on their heads.

Fellside follows the story of Jess Moulson, a drug addict that is convicted of killing a kid by starting a fire. She cannot remember anything from the event and most of the story focuses on her inside Fellside, a maximum security prison.

I will not go into the plot too much because I do not want to spoil anything. I will say that I thought I had figured the book out at least three times, but it completely threw me for a loop. I love when this happens! The book had a great old school Stephen King vibe to it with M.R. Carey’s unique voice and sense of storytelling. I really enjoyed this book!

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