This episode began with a very creepy visual of the humans that were being prepared to become Cybermen being chained as scarecrows while children walked by. This was a good way of setting the tone of this episode. It was horrific and lighthearted on and off. This mainly revolves around Michelle Gomez and John Simm. They are delightfully evil. Their performances are distinct but yet common as different incarnations of The Master.

Pearl Mackie’s performance as Bill trying to come to grips with being a Cyberman is utterly heartbreaking and perfect. The Doctor further cements the tone of the episode and foreshadows the ending when he tells Bill that, “Where there are tears there is hope.”

I am glad that Bill’s story didn’t end as dark as it looked. It was also great that her story came full circle back to the beginning of the season. When the tears were brought up I didn’t even think back to the beginning of Bill’s story.

The Master and Missy killing each other was very fitting as it seems The Master was always heading for self-destruction. I doubt that The Master will ever be completely gone, but for now, it is a fitting end.

It is interesting that The Doctor was willing to sacrifice his life, but is so opposed to regenerating into a new iteration. Capaldi’s regeneration had been teased multiple times this season, but I guess it will finally happen on the Christmas Special.  Apparently, it will be a multi-doctor special. It will be interesting to see how that all works out! Overall, this was a fantastic season. Capaldi was masterful and I’m sad that Pearl Mackie will apparently only be on one season.

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