At one point in this episode, Cosima refers to the island they are on as “the island of Doctor Moreau.” That is pretty much the best description of P.T. Westmoreland as the secrets of his island continue to slowly be revealed.

This episode gave the first glimpse of the thing in the woods. I’m guessing it is the boy that was experimented on in the early research of Westmoreland, Duncan, and Coady. He is being taken care of and concealed by the ever so mysterious/creepy Mud. Cosima finally sees him after following Mud into the woods. There was talk in the episode of having to crack some eggs to make an omelet. I’m just wondering why the boy was not disposed of with all of the disregards for human life that had been shown through these experiments. Are they still experimenting on him to this day?

Sarah continues to have a strained relationship with Kira. Kira’s attitude and confusion are becoming more and more dangerous. She is starting to perform experiments on herself. I have a feeling that this led to Sarah being more violent with Virginia than normal. Who knows though? She did call Virgina a “genocidal bitch.”

It will be interesting to find out more about P.T. Westmoreland and his treatments that are keeping him alive and the motivations behind having the man in the woods.

Random thoughts:

  • P.T.  Westmoreland sounds like someone that should be directing indie movies.
  • Why couldn’t his name be P.T. Westmore and the island P.T. Westmoreland?

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