This very Hendrix-centric episode brought a lot of tension on two different levels. On one hand, there is the investigation into the Alison and Donnie. On the other, there is Alison’s contemplation of her place in the world.

The investigation of the Hendrixes is a way to put pressure on them to expose Helena’s location. Art is put in a rough position when Donnie alerts him that there are dead bodies in their garage. Thankfully, a confrontation between Alison and Rachel leads to Rachel calling off the investigation, right as Inger finds a body.

From a plot standpoint, this episode did not move much forward. However, it was an incredibly strong episode for its character development and the arc of Alison. Throughout the episode, there was a sense of people looking down on Alison as “just a suburban housewife.” This led to her questioning her allegiance to her sisters and Donnie. Eventually, she stands up for herself, her relationships, and to Rachel. Overall it was a very moving episode.

Random thoughts:

  • Kira is messed up! The knife and the rat… yikes.
  • Donnie accidentally drugging himself could have been bad, but ended up being hilarious.

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