Moffeeeeeetttt! This episode had me laughing a lot at the very beginning. Then it ended up completely ripping out my insides! I knew it was going to be one of “those episodes” when it started off with The Doctor starting to regenerate.

Missy’s whole playing “Doctor Who” shtick was hilarious.  She had some great lines. One of my favorites was when she called Nardole and Bill “exposition and comic relief.” The other one was when the alien asked her if she was human and she replied, “Don’t be a bitch.”

Things got very dark quickly when Bill got shot. As she is taken away by a mysterious being to be repaired, The Doctor puts a message in her subconscious, “Wait for me.” Then the laughs returned with her interactions with Razor. However, in an episode of many shocking moments, it is revealed that Razor is actually The Master in disguise (Not the Dana Carvey movie). The last shock is revealed when Nardole and The Doctor are confronted with a Cyberman that turns out to be Bill. CyberBill then says, “I waited” and a tear runs down her cheek (and mine).

The Cybermen always disturb me. The horrible thought of human emotion and pain being removed in an effort to perfect humans, but actually taken away humanity is haunting. Seeing Bill become one was completely heartbreaking. There was a lot of stuff thrown at the audience this week. I’m wondering how it will all tie together next week in the finale.

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