I loved this season of Fargo and the ending was very fitting. There were several weird things that happened throughout the season. It was very intriguing and enjoyable, but I was wondering what the central theme actually was. The finale showed that the central themes were chaos, good, and evil.

Every main character from this season that was somewhere in the gray area of good and evil met his or her demise. I was rooting for Nikki Swango to survive, but in the end, she had blood on her hands just like the other characters. Her final actions showed that she really did love Ray and was not all about money.

It seemed that Emmitt was going to find happiness and redeem himself. *Warning horrible pun ahead* However, a wrench was thrown into Emmitt’s future plans as he was killed in his own home by Mr. Wrench.

The final scene put the focus on the central themes. All of the events before that moment were random chaos. In the end, the characters that represented pure evil (Varga) and pure good (Gloria) were face to face. They both had their own versions of what would transpire in the future. What you think happens next depends on your own beliefs about good, evil, and the nature of the world.

If this is the end of the series, it ended with a great season and cast.

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