Wow! I’m always interested in discovering where the episode title comes with this show. This week’s episode, “Lantern,” opened with a flashback of Jimmy and Chuck reading a book in a tent by lantern as kids. The ending of the episode brought the lantern back full circle.

Kim survived the car accident and seems to be having an awakening. She decides to put off work and spend time watching DVDs and recovering.

Chuck was given a dose of reality from Howard. Howard paid out Chuck from his own pocket and loans instead of putting the firm at risk. Chuck later breaks Jimmy’s heart by telling him that he never mattered much to him in the first place.

Jimmy went the opposite direction of what I expected. I thought that the way he treated Irene last week was his tipping point from a sympathetic character to complete selfish jackass. However, Kim’s accident awoke Jimmy as well. He sacrificed his relationship with all of the old people in order to save Irene’s friendships.

I thought Nacho was about to get killed when he was walking with the gun looking at Hector and a car pulled up. What resulted was actually Hector having to be taken away in an ambulance, which I’m guessing is how he ends up in a wheelchair.

At the very end, the season ends with a completely heartbreaking moment. Chuck kicks his desk until the lantern from the beginning falls over and sets the house on fire in what seems to be a suicide.

This is one of the best shows on television! I try to study every episode to learn more about writing. There is so much to learn about characterization and telling your story at the proper pace.

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