Last week I discussed how the season premiere had a lot of throat clearing and exposition. This week moved the story along and provided a lot of action!

The episode began much like last week’s episode ended… everyone seemingly giving into Rachel expect Sarah. Luckily it is just an act when it comes to S and Felix. They help Sarah get Kira back by having Sarah pose as Rachel and pick her up from school. While Rachel’s men go after Sarah, S and Felix take Kira. This is not a happy ending, however. MK switches clothes with Sarah to help her get away. Ferdinand ends up killing MK in a very violent death scene.

Kira senses MK’s death and as they are about to get away, Kira refuses to go. She wants to stay with Rachel and know why “she is like this.” It is completely heartbreaking to see Kira choosing Rachel over Sarah. It makes sense when you think about her point of view. Sarah is offering her a life of always hiding and being on the run. Rachel is offering her an opportunity for answers and going to school like a normal kid.

The episode ends with Delphine showing up to S’s door and telling her Sarah cannot know they are in contact.

I loved this episode and think the rest of the season is going to go full throttle to the finale. Great random moment of the episode: Cosima asking, “Who are you Mud?”

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