As I have been working on my own short stories recently, I have been also reading the stories of other authors. I read one today by Sean Platt and David Wright that really blew me away. This gave me the idea to write briefly about a few really cool short stories by indie authors that have stuck out to me in the past couple of years.

The story I was referencing before was “Infinite Doors” which is part of Platt and Wright’s Dark Crossings series. The series is kind of like their Twilight Zone or Black Mirror.  The story involves a company called Infinite Doors that allows people to travel to parallel universes, even matching them up with other versions of themselves that may want to swap. The story has an awesome sci-fi premise, but is very personal and heartbreaking!


I usually end up reading anything that Hugh Howey puts out. One little story I love is called “Glitch.” What I love about Howey is that he marries genre and literary fiction beautifully. This is a very simple story but builds a huge world in the process. It involves robots that fight for sport but has themes that encompass human relationships and PTSD.



The last story I want to bring up is “Zero Hour” by Eamon Ambrose. After the success of the story, he continued with 5 more installments to create a serialized novel. The original story seems like something I would never read. I’m not really into military sci-fi and second person point of view seems like a headache in fiction. Neither of these facts matter. This story is engrossing and brilliant! In a very short span there is so much character building and playing with the reader’s preconceived notions that the twist at the end smacks you in the face.

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