The penultimate episode of Fargo Season 3 did not go at all like I expected, which I am grateful for because I love when I get thrown for a loop.

Nikki Swango and Mr. Wrench are alive! I was not sure after the bowling alley scene last week. Not only are they alive, but they are kicking ass! They get the better of Varga’s men when they throw a grenade paper weight into a semi, forcing his men to evacuate. Swango and Wrench hijack the semi and steal from Varga. In a sit down with Varga later on, Varga talks down to Nikki, believing once again that he is smarter than everyone else. He is put in his place as Mr. Wrench has the upper hand on Varga’s sniper. They then give the IRS agent information on Varga’s business dealings.

Emmit bears his soul to Gloria, confessing to the accidental murder of Ray, along with all of his past sins towards Ray. It was a fantastic scene. Gloria seems to finally have what she needs to prove that she’s been right all along until Varga has someone kill another Stussy and confess to all of the Stussy murders. In addition, the widow Goldfarb gives Emmit and alibi. Chief Dammik arrogantly falls hook, line, and sinker for this. He once again dismisses anything Gloria says.

Carrie Coon (the greatest actress in the universe as I have expressed many times on my blog and Twitter) delivers her best performance as Gloria in this episode. She had some killer scenes in this episode with Olivia Sandoval, Shea Whigham, and Ewan McGregor.

This season has had a feministic theme to it and this episode really cemented that. What I like about the way it has been approached is that it portrays a realistic male arrogance that I have seen in the workplace. In a job like police officer that is a majority of men, I’m sure it is even worse. I love this whole cast and am excited for the finale next week. If this truly the last season of Fargo, I believe Noah Hawley has done right by the fans.

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