This episode showcased the greatest strength of Better Call Saul, the way the characters are crafted to be three dimensional.

You can see where Howard is coming from in asking Chuck to retire. However, he continues to be pompous and it bites him once Chuck decides to sue him.

Chuck is infuriating a lot of the time. The way he treats Jimmy is awful, but this was an episode that made you really feel for him. You actually root for Chuck in this episode.

That brings me to our main character, Jimmy. I was so distraught watching the way he manipulated the old people. It made me sick and angry thinking of how I would feel if my grandparents were treated that way. Up until now, most of the shady stuff Jimmy has done has carried a sense of justice with it. This was Jimmy preying on innocent people for his own personal gain. I believe this, along with Kim’s accident are going to push Jimmy closer to become the Saul we know from Breaking Bad.

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