Gotham concluded its third season with a 2 part finale. I finally got a chance to watch it. Part 1 kind of dragged. They seemed to save all of the action for the part 2. There were a lot of things that I liked about the finale and a few I didn’t.

I feel like Ra’s Al Ghul is going to be much better than he was on Arrow. The introduction of the character was great and he really seemed to have the spirit of the source material. Bruce stabbing a knife through Alfred was dramatic, but we all know Alfred isn’t going to die and it was hard for me to take seriously with a Lazarus Pit right next to them.

The dynamic between Penguin and The Riddler has been great all season. I really like the way it played out with Penguin leaving the illusion for Edward and the audience that Nygma was again outsmarted everyone. It was a nice twist to see Penguin beat him at mental gymnastics.

Two of the storylines I was not thrilled with concerned some of the women of Gotham. First off, they need to decide what they are doing with Fish Mooney. Do they want her on the show or not? Having her die and come back multiple times has not helped the story at all. The other problem is Lee. I feel like her storyline after splitting from Jim has been a complete betrayal of her character. She was a smart, strong woman. They turned her into an easily manipulated plot point, which is unfortunate.

The finale ended with two great moments to setup season four. First, the revelation that Butch is actually Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy. The second was the first glimpse of Bruce as a vigilante. Overall, a great season and very fun show.

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