Netflix decided to cancel its original series Sense8. After a week of petitions and begging from fans, they confirmed it is done for good. The show was just too expensive for too small of an audience.

I really enjoyed Sense8 and wish there would have been a culmination to the story. The story was very original and could have spawned many spinoffs within the fictional universe. The show pushed a lot of limits when it came to sex, violence, and politics which is why the audience wasn’t bigger.

The cinematography was beautiful  and shot around the world. The characters were sympathetic as well. The only problem I had with the show was that a lot of times the messages trying to be conveyed were very on the nose. I would have preferred the messages and undertones to be a little more vague at times because the scenes allowed a lot to be inferred without dialogue blatantly reiterating it. This didn’t impede my enjoyment though.

My overall thoughts are that I’m glad there are storytellers like the Wachowskis willing to take risks and swing for the fences even if they come up short. I also think that in 10 years there will be some amazing show that will make us say, “Sense8 paved the way for this show” much like Twin Peaks has been acknowledged over the years.

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