The final season of Orphan Black started off with an episode that served mainly as exposition for the rest of the season. It focused on putting the pieces in place and I assume that things will pick up the rest of the season now that some throat clearing has been done. The episode was good, but I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

The scene with Rachel inserting the cure in Cosima was extremely intense. I’m not sure I am a fan of the whole dynamic between the two and Cosima deciding to stay on the island. However, a lot of the hate towards Rachel is from Sarah as a viewpoint character, so I guess Cosima really hasn’t had the first-hand experience with Rachel.

Helena didn’t get much screen time but had a very important moment. She saves Donnie, but in the process, her pregnant stomach gets pierces with a branch. This was a very disturbing scene.

There was yet another mystery revealed with some sort of monster(?), humanoid(?) attacking Sarah. Shows like this where there are several mysteries are very hard to end properly. I really hope that Orphan Black is able to stick the landing this season!

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