I once again got behind on Doctor Who, but I am now caught up!

“The Pyramid at the End of the World” and “The Lie of the Land” conclude a trilogy of episodes that started with “Extremis.” I loved this trio of episodes. A lot of times Doctor Who is at its scariest when it delves into mind control and human manipulation than straight alien attack. The episodes gave many great twists and turns while bringing in topical themes of fake news and abuse of power.

“The Empress of Mars” was a relatively standalone episode, which I think was a good idea after a 3 episode arc. This was a slow burn episode featuring the Ice Warriors. It did a great job of showing how misunderstandings can lead to dangerous conflicts and that individuals are often in conflict within their own groups as well. The ending served up a cliffhanger with Missy in the TARDIS questioning the Doctor’s health. There are two things are at play here. Missy is being very compliant and there is a constant tension built by the wonder of when she will be back up to her old tricks. The other thing is the foreshadowing of the Doctor needing to regenerate.

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