Noah Hawley continues to experiement with Fargo’s story structure. I know some people are going to criticize Fargo as becoming “gimmicky.” I don’t really care about this at all. Fargo is a fictional universe that allows itself to dip in the absurdist ponds without being drenched.

This week’s episode felt a little more seasoned with Twin Peaks than normal. The scenes with Mr. Wrench and Nikki Swango escaping Varga’s men were fantastic. There were so many variables that ratcheted up the suspense including being cuffed together and trying to communicate despite Mr. Wrench being deaf. The culmination of this was one of the weirdest scenes on Fargo. I’m still not quite sure what to make of the bowling alley scene. I loved it, but I am not sure what the meaning was. Are Nikki and Wrench dead? Is Ray Wise’s character, Paul Marrane, actually God? The Wandering Jew? A doppleganger of Leland Palmer in a Twin Peaks crossover? I was starting to wonder if maybe he was the narrator of this season’s story, but Billy Bob Thornton narrated an easrly episode. As far as how this all affects the plot, are the consequences of whether Nikki is alive or dead.

Varga continued his strangehold on Ray by poisoning Sy. In a time jump, we see that Sy is in a coma and it seems to be the wakeup call Ray needed. Someone is also toying with Ray’s head. He is confronted by Ray’s car, his office is covered with the stamp, and he even wakes up with a fake mustache. Varga eventually tries to dispose of Ray offering him a “seditive” much in the same way he offered Sy “tea.” Ray finally outsmarts Varga for once and fakes taking the pills. All of this leads to Ray turning himself into Gloria at the end.

I’m looking forward to how Hawley chooses to wrap all this up in two final episodes.

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