I was intrigued by Kim in this episode because of her interactions with Howard and Jimmy. She has had a lingering guilt about what transpired in court with Chuck. This time, however, Howard pushed her too much and she seemed to accept what she did as “doing her job.” She attempted to completely square herself with Howard by writing a check for her college tuition that he paid.

When it came to Jimmy, there was a little bit of a role reversal. Jimmy scammed the music store for money and was very set on being square with Kim. Kim tells him that she can pay for rent on her own for a while so Jimmy can get back on his feet. Jimmy gets angry and commits to continuing to pay his way. After they discuss this, Kim goes to her office and starts calling leads, showing that she is not as well off as she claimed. It seems Kim is trying to put up a confident front for Jimmy like he always does for her.

Chuck continued to try to get over his illness, which he is accepting is mental. The shot from the point of view of the almond milk that Chuck was trying to get to in the grocery store was brilliant. Every time there is a scene with Chuck interacting with electricity, there is a great horror movie quality to it.

In one of the most intense scenes I’ve seen on TV in a while, Nacho switched out Hector pills. The portrayal of this scene by Michael Mando was so nerve-racking and fantastic.

With only a couple of episodes left, it looks like Season 3 is going to end with a bang!

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