I had pure dread as I watched the liquid climbing it’s way up to Nora’s head. That scene illustrated the frightening reality of faith in the unknown. I was experiencing fear because a character I loved was embracing something I didn’t believe in. Our belief in the outcome of a situation determines our perspective. I hate watching someone walk the tightrope because I believe they are going to fall to a horrific death. The walker can embrace walking the tightrope because he or she believes he or she will make it to the other side.

Throughout this episode, I had this feeling of dread. I was waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under me and my heart to be torn out of my chest. I had no idea if the main story was actually happening or if it was some sort of dream or Nora’s version of the hotel Kevin goes to when he dies. This is really a core theme of the show. What is real? Is reality a fluid construct in our head? Did all of the things Nora said to Kevin really happen? None of it matters. All that matters is the present. As Kevin says about his belief in Nora’s story, “You’re here.”

I loved that the final episode was a really small, personal story to cap off this cosmic event. It really honored the show’s theme of exploring people’s reaction to a cosmic event more than the event. Thank you to all the talented people on this show for creating a character driven masterpiece!

Random thoughts:

The slow dance between Kevin and Nora was so beautiful and heartbreaking.

Kevin’s heart was literally broken. A nice nod to last week when he cut himself open.

I love that this episode was called the “Book of Nora” because the only answers we have about the departure are Nora’s story.

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