This episode was one of the tensest I have seen in a long time. Throughout the episode, I just kept thinking, “Listen to Carrie Coon dammit!” I think that was the point of this episode though, how arrogance derails everything. More specifically, male arrogance.

Sheriff Moe continues to shut down Gloria at every turn. He is threatened by her stubbornness and feels like he is better than her. It has blinded him to even considering what she is laying before him, no matter how much sense it makes. His “mashed potatoes” analogy shows how proud he is of his simplistic thinking,

Emmit also displays a newfound arrogance that is leading him to destruction. The seemingly nice, innocent Emmit feels empowered after committing his first murder. He starts railroading Sy’s meeting with Ruby Goldfarb. It seems that Emmit starts embracing Varga’s way of doing things. He gets himself into trouble, however, when speaking to Winnie and being obviously guilty of at least knowledge of Ray’s murder.

Nikki keeps up a brave face in jail. She tries not to show any emotion about anything. She even holds it together when she sees photos from the crime scene of Ray’s murder. It seems like reality finally hits her when she is boarding the prison bus. An accident is caused, rendering her unconscious. It seems to be the 2nd attempt on her life since she’s been in custody. Maybe Sheriff Moe will take this seriously?

Ever since Ray died, I really don’t know how this season will be resolved. I’m excited to see how it plays out!

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