One episode before the finale and once again The Leftovers has me questioning a lot of things. The one answer that this week’s episode seemed to give was that Kevin Sr.’s great flood theory is incorrect. The one thing I am trying to sort out is what exactly is this place Kevin goes when is drowned?

Last season I was convinced that Kevin was entering some sort of purgatory. This was mainly reinforced by him being buried alive and surviving. It seemed that he was helping souls pass on, like Patti. This episode confused me though. We never see how long Kevin is actually under water, so it could just be that this is what he is visualizing while he is holding his breath. This is reinforced by Kevin spitting out water multiple times during his time there. I really feel like this is all Kevin’s subconscious trying to sort things out. He seems to have control over everything.

The visual of Kevin cutting open the other Kevin and pulling the key out was disturbing, but a very powerful image as well. It showed how hard it is for Kevin to ever be vulnerable.

I’m not sure what to think about the finale, “The Book of Nora.” Is it going to reveal that the whole show has been Nora’s account? Is Kevin going to save Nora from going through the machine? Is he going through it with her? Will the machine work? How does it all relate to the scene of Nora going by “Sarah” in the first episode? I’m so excited and dreadful for the finale. I don’t want it to end!

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