I’ve said before that I like how Gotham incorporates the spirit of the many incarnations of Batman, including the cheesiness of the 1960s show. This definitely extends to The Executioner costume!

The Penguin and Riddler were great in this episode. I love that they teamed up to escape in order to have the freedom to kill each other. It looks like Penguin may get a new storyline like I was hoping for last week.

Bruce Wayne’s story had big developments this week as Alfred finally acknowledged that Bruce was missing and was replaced by a doppelganger. The real Bruce continued his training and has now apparently become a mindless assassin.

The one storyline I am a little disappointed in is Lee’s. I feel like she has gone from a strong, intelligent woman to an easily manipulated plot point. Hopefully, there is some other explanation for her actions. In the comics, she is a surrogate parent for Bruce. I hope the writers have intentions for her character that I cannot see yet.

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