Last week I thought for a moment that Fargo killed off Nikki Swango. This week I never thought they would kill off Ray. I thought for sure this season would be a feud between brothers to the very end. This episode showed this season is something very different. This season is about perception.

The feud between brothers that I anticipated only existed in Ray’s head. Emmit found his brother a nuisance and obviously was upset at him, but this was not an all out war like Ray perceived. The scene where Emmit accidentally kills Ray caught me completely off guard, but was perfect. The stamp represented this thing that ruined Ray’s life that Emmit did not even understand he inflicted on Ray. Once again, Emmit accidentally harms Ray, this time taking his life.

Varga gives off the image of someone with little wealth or influence. He is, however,  very powerful and sees a bigger picture than anyone else can dream. This is why he feels he can walk over Gloria. She is not intimidated though and it seems is the one person he cannot get the upper hand on after trying to find information about her online (Does this go back to her technology issues?).

All of it goes back to the scene between Sy and Varga. Varga explains different moments in history including saying the moon landing was fake. When Sy objects, Varga explains that truth depends on what people believe. I believe Gloria is going to give Varga’s malleable truth a rude awakening.



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