Well, I was right in my guess that it was actually H.R. that died and not Iris. However, the show did a great job of throwing the swerve of H.R. coming behind Joe with the gun before the big reveal that Iris and H.R. were disguised as each other.

This episode worked really well as a finale by tying together many parts of the overall season. It did a great job of keeping up the suspense by having Savitar one step ahead of everyone as he has been all season. It is finally Cisco and Jay Garrick that ruin Savitar’s plans. They also brought Gypsy back into the mix.

After everything was seemingly resolved, the speed force caused a storm. It would not stand for the void left by Jay Garrick leaving and asked Barry to take his place. Barry accepts this as penance and gives roles to everyone on Team Flash. This is a nice setup for next season.

Some quick thoughts:

  • I like that Kaitlyn was left in an ambiguous state that wasn’t Kaitlyn Snow or Killer Frost
  • The Cisco/H.R. storyline was beautifully resolved
  • It is only right that Barry finally pays the price for his actions. However, this is The Flash and I think it’s hard to have a Flash TV show without the Flash

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