Laurie Garvey has had quite the character arc. In the first season, I could not stand how selfish she was. This was especially true when it came to Jill. As the season went on, I saw what happened to her during the departure and had some sympathy. Season 2 showed Laurie out of the GR and trying to bring other people out. The whole storyline with her writing the book about it seemed very self-serving to me. She also was putting Tommy though hell. I once again wondered if Laurie was selfish. This episode finally helped me understand Laurie.

Laurie is a person entrenched in science and logic. When the departure happened, she couldn’t enlist these things that she values. She was not able to function properly because nothing made logical sense and there was no scientific explanation. I feel like this episode was her finally accepting that. All of the people around her have crazy explanations or beliefs about what is going on. The problem is that she doesn’t have any better explanations. She feels like she cannot help these people or herself in the sense that she normally would in her profession. This is why she is so at peace with her decision to end her life and allow the people she loves to hold on to their beliefs.

A few stray observations:

  • Nora is definitely going through the machine
  • There has to be something to the whole shoe thing introduced this episode
  • Where is Matt at with his beliefs?
  • I feel like there is some sort of clue when Kevin tells Laurie that he felt more alive in the hotel.

Two episodes left!

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