I’ve been trying my best to avoid spoilers because I’ve been behind, but I finally saw “Cause and Effect” and “Infantino Street.” It seems these episodes were back to back to give the audience a light episode before a heavy one.

“Cause and Effect” had a lot of lighthearted moments. It drew comedy from Barry’s lost memory.  However, it also dealt with a lot of issues concerning time travel and theoretical quantum physics. Barry’s memory being erased stopped Savitar, but also through all the chains of events Wally. Then there was the moral issue concerning why Savitar is so pissed in the first place. Whenever I have seen fiction featuring copies of people based off of multiple realities, I always think “So which one deserves to the be THE one?” I like that The Flash raises yet another moral question about Barry’s time travel.

The real story, however, is the ending of “Infantino Street.” IRIS IS DEAD!!!! I know some people are going to criticize the show if Iris isn’t really dead. It’s going to be called cheap and it’s going to be pointed out that there are no consequences for anything. My answer to that is… IT’S BASED OFF COMIC BOOKS! Calm down and enjoy the ride!

My prediction is that Iris is not dead. I believe this was foreshadowed when Barry broke into ARGUS and used the holographic transmogrifier to cloak himself as Lyla. I think that someone used this technology to cloak themselves as Iris. It could be H.R. It could be the future Flash that helped Barry a few episodes ago. I’m not entirely sure, but I think someone sacrificed themselves. The season finale shall be interesting!

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