Jimmy is back to his old ways this week. Desperate to keep his head above water, he is once again trying to con people. Even with his new “commercial business” there is a fine line between con and sales. The difference between Jimmy in the past and Jimmy now is that his cons are not working. This is established right away when Jimmy is doing community service. He spends his time on the phone and is only given 30 minutes credit for the 4 hours he was there. He unsuccessfully negotiates more credit from the supervisor. He basically explains what in all honesty is happening to him while he is talking to the malpractice insurance lady. In true Jimmy fashion, it was all a ruse to screw over Chuck more.

Kim continues to be the show’s conscience. She is haunted by what she did to Chuck and I think she is disturbed by Jimmy’s lack of remorse. She also seems to be torn over being loyal to Jimmy and being frustrated with his refusal to learn from mistakes.

The other storyline is Mike’s. I love Mike’s calmness and ability to see all angles. As tough as he is, he really does have a soft spot for people that he sees good in. It could be that Mike is giving Nacho advice because it is convenient to eliminate Hector. However, I think Mike sees that Nacho is a good kid that loves his dad and has gotten caught up in the drug scene.

This cast is just astonishing every week!

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