Fargo raised the stakes this week. Varga became even more terrifying with some truly lewd acts and more menacing threats. This made Sy a completely broken man. First, there was the humiliation and intimidation from Varga. Then Sy witnessed Varga’s men beat Nikki.

Sy wasn’t the only one broken. Emmit has his world turned upside down when Ray and Nikki create a fake sex tape, which is sent to his house with a ransom note. The only problem is that Emmit’s wife sees the tape first and immediately leaves him.

Gloria did not get much screen time this week. She continued to battle the new chief, but this time, he completely shut down her investigation.

The episode ended with Nikki battered, lying in the bathtub as Ray comforts her. As the credits role, a silhouette of a wolf appears. Going back to last week’s episode, it seems to foreshadow that Nikki escaped Varga, but Ray won’t be so lucky.

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