I’m now caught up on Doctor Who again! Here are my thoughts on the last 3 weeks:

  • “Knock Knock”:
    • This episode was a beautiful combination of humor, horror, and heartbreak. Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie continued their perfect chemistry and comic timing. The episode was like a classic haunted house movie. The ending was a sad and proper resolution, showing the lengths we go to for the ones we love.
  • “Oxygen”:
    • There are multiple episodes that follow a similar basic premise of “what happens when technology carrying out its purpose causes problems for humans?” What is great is that each time this premise is carried out a different way and spins a great mystery.  This episode revolves around spacesuits turning astronauts into zombies because they determined the astronauts were no longer efficient. A great cliffhanger leaves The Doctor blind at the end.
  • “Extremis”
    • This episode was a fantastic mystery. The time jumps back and forth between The Doctor and Missy with the present day were intriguing. I liked that it didn’t drag out the whole vault mystery. I have a feeling there might be a twist there though. This isn’t the first time Doctor Who has delved into virtual reality, but this episode was original in its own right.
  • Pearl Mackie
    • I’ve read reports that she may be a one and done companion. This is a shame because she has breathed new life into the show. I do understand a new regime wanting to get a completely fresh start.

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