I am finally caught up on Gotham. The last 3 episodes have been good, but I really liked Light the Wick. I’ve said in the past that Gotham’s strength is embracing all eras and mediums of Batman. It continues to have the cheeziness of the 60s TV show, but also the dark and violent aspect of the Tim Burton movies (as well as homages to The Penguin’s dad and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman). Throw in storylines from the New 52 and you have a pretty unique show.

I really like that the Court of Owls is being used and established this early. At first I thought that Jim’s undercover operation within the Court was way too short. I realized though that it is true to the character to not be able to let things happen to people and play the long con. He is willing to have everything explode in his face if he thinks someone is in danger.

A few random thoughts:

-The Riddler’s character development has been great. To think back to the first season when he was a nerdy, low confidence forensic specialist for the GPD to now is truly terrifying.

-Penquin really needs his storyline to go somewhere interesting. They need to break away from the pattern of up and down with him and throw a curve ball.

-I’m happy to see Dr. Strange back and manipulating people again.

-I like where things are going with Bruce. I hope they nail Ra’s al Ghul.

-Chris Chalk’s portrayal of Lucius Fox is one of my favorite things about the show. I loved Justified and to see the range Chris Chalk has is impressive.

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