He is finally Saul! Desperate to make money after being suspended from practicing law for a year, Jimmy decides to create the Saul Goodman persona to sell advertising. Although Jimmy is at a crossroads and the Saul persona is created, I don’t think Jimmy is facing as big of an identity crisis as other characters. This episode showed two characters at a crossroads that is shaking them to their very cores. Chuck and Nacho are both experiencing extreme internal conflict.

Chuck has always been confident that he was right and everyone else was wrong. He was right in the way he treated Jimmy. He is right about his condition. Now Chuck’s world has been shaken and he has to confront the fact that he is wrong. It seems he’s starting to move on by trying to accept that his condition is in fact in his head.

Nacho is caught between his two lives. In one life he is a drug dealer associating with very dangerous men. In his other life, he is a nice guy devoted to his father and family’s simple life. Hector wants Nacho to intersect these two lives by using his father’s business as a front for dealing drugs. This is going to explode at some point. We saw a microcosm of this when one of Nacho’s guys was short on his money and Nacho was lenient. Hector said, “Who works for who?” Nacho responds by beating the hell out of the guy. I believe he is actually taking anger towards himself and Hector out on his dealer.

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