It is hard for me to write about Fargo and The Leftovers without saying the same thing over and over, “I love this show so much! I love Carrie Coon so much!” Fargo once again broke convention and framed the episode as a retelling of Peter and the Wolf, with Bill Bob Thornton narrating.

I love the zany film-noirness of Ray and Nikki’s story. The ridiculous wig they put on Ray to impersonate his brother at the bank is hilarious. After Ray only comes away with $10,000, Nikki wonders why he didn’t take more if there was at least $1 million in the bank. Ray only takes the $10,000 because he believes it is what he is owed and they are not criminals. You really feel for Ray even though he is a murder, breaks the law when it comes to his job, and is in a bitter rivalry with his brother.

When Gloria goes to investigate Maurice LeFay at the parole office, she notices Ray’s last name is Stussy. She also meets another female officer that seems to annoy Gloria with her outgoing personality. She even leaves a note on Gloria’s car. This officer ends up being the key to everything as she puts together that Ray is related to Emmit after investigating the hit and run on Ray’s car. When she shares this information with Gloria, the light-bulb goes off as the episode ends. Things are about to get really interesting next week!

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