Chicanery is a term used to describe trickery in law or politics. This episode featured plenty of trickery relating to the battle between brothers in court. However, I believe the heart of this episode and maybe the entire Breaking Bad universe can be summed up in Charles McGill quoting a popular legal saying, “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”

At the core of both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are characters that have convinced themselves that they are acting in the name of justice no matter how much destruction they leave in their path. This is why both shows are so compelling to the viewer.

Chuck is trying to convince himself and others that this how vendetta is not about revenge or anything personal against Jimmy. He acts like he is carrying out a duty to serve the law that he swore to protect. However, in the climatic moment that has been building pretty much since the beginning of the show, Chuck unravels and shows everyone that it is all about blocking Jimmy from being a lawyer.

Watching the episode, I felt bad for Chuck but was rooting for Jimmy. The crazy thing is that everything Chuck says, outside of his illness, is true. You really could make a case that Jimmy is the bad guy. He violated laws, planted a battery on his brother, and manipulated his brother’s emotions by having Chuck’s ex-wife attend. Chuck says himself that even when Jimmy is breaking the law, his intentions are good. So, is Jimmy doing the just thing by breaking laws in the name of loyalty? Even when he was running scams, he targeted people that you could argue “deserved it.”

Better Call Saul and it’s characters live realistically in the gray area of subjectivity. This allows the show to continuously be captivating.

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