I don’t what else to say about this episode besides it broke my heart. We see Kevin and Nora just completely unravel and separate by the end. When Nora was sitting in the hotel with the sprinklers coming down and there was a shot of the water just pouring out of her eye, it shook me to the core. Beside really turning the emotional screws, this episode provided some information:

  • The guy that set himself on fire last week got turned down by the same people Nora did this week
  • Evie is most likely dead
  • Kevin is experiencing psychological problems
  • Nora is vulnerable to believing that her children are somewhere else, but not dead

There has been a lot of speculation about the scene earlier in the season where Nora looks aged and denies knowing Kevin. Some people have said maybe it isn’t her the future, but the result of the radiation machine. I’m wondering if maybe she gets burned in the hotel fire. I’m also wondering about the explosion that has grounded planes. I know that there is a lot of heartbreaking stuff on this show, but man this week really got to me!

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