The Public Radio Alliance and Pacific Northwest Stories are creators of some awesome fictional podcasts that are presented in an NPR style. I am completely addicted to their first 3 shows. The shows are as follows:

The Black Tapes

This podcast follows host Alex Reagan as she investigates Dr. Richard Strand. Strand is the founder of the Strand Institute, which focuses on disproving claims of the paranormal. He has a collection of tapes called “The Black Tapes” that are cases he has yet to disprove. Alex investigates these tapes as well as Strand himself. The show is mysterious and at times very creepy. The Black Tapes has completed 2 seasons.


This podcast follows host Nic Silver as he investigates a mystery simply known as “Tanis.” It is referred to in different literature, but there is almost no information available online. This leads to Nic enlisting a “cyber-information-specialist” named Meerkatnip to help him research the deep web. I don’t want to give too much away, but the journey to uncover the mythical “Tanis” is a very interesting one. Tanis is currently in Season 3.


This podcast follows host Carly Parker as she investigates the disappearance of her friend Yumiko. It seems the answers to the mystery lie within an underground, mysterious game known simply as “Rabbits.” The game seems to not only be the key to finding Yumiko, but also has some sort of affect on reality itself. Rabbits is the newest podcast and is only 5 episodes in, but I am an addict already.


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