This episode was great overall, but the big reveal was just as I suspected it would be.

Team Flash is in search of Terry Brand and Kaitlyn Snow. They end up finding them simultaneously as Killer Frost attacks Terry Brand for Savitar. Cisco has blows an opportunity to stop Killer Frost. Cisco gets Barry hurt later in the episode when he once again hesitates to stop Killer Frost. We learn that Cisco is afraid he will go too far and end up killing Kaitlyn.

Joe panics when Cecile let’s an “I love you” slip. He tries to break up with her in an effort to protect her and keep her out of the complications of being part of Team Flash. This plan fails instantly as she is abducted by Killer Frost while leaving Joe’s house. Team Flash eventually saves Cecile, but is unable to apprehend Killer Frost before Savitar retrieves her.

The episode ends with Barry going all Chazz Palminteri in The Usual Suspects and realizing who Savitar is. He runs off and calls out Savitar, telling him he knows who he is. Savitar takes off his suit and reveals himself as Barry Allen from the future!

There are three episodes left to see how this plays out. I do not have a good feeling about Cecile’s future and think she is going to be killed instead of Iris. One stray observation: Tom Cavanagh is awesome!

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