This episode was divided into two battles: Gus vs. Hector and Jimmy vs. Chuck. I probably say it every week, but what I love about this show besides the phenomenal performances is the pacing. It is never in a rush to tell a story, but also doesn’t draw things out. Speaking of performances, this episode reminded me how spoiled we are to have Giancarlo Esposito on TV every week.

This episode allowed us to see Gus before he was completely converted to the dark side. He seems to have honor despite being a drug dealer. This is shown in his compassion for the people that work for him at Los Pollos Hermanos. We don’t really see glimpses of the dark side until he tells Mike why he didn’t let him kill Hector. Wanted him to suffer more than just taking a bullet to the head.

I remember feeling a sense of justice when Hector killed Gus on Breaking Bad. The dynamic of their feud is completely turned on its head here. Yo sympathize with Gus.

On the Jimmy front, Chuck was petty as ever in their meeting to finalize Jimmy’s settlement. Chuck is very confident that he has finally gotten Jimmy over a barrel. Unfortunately for him, just like always, Jimmy had something up his sleeve. Mike posed as a maintenance worker fixing Chuck’s door and using the opportunity to take some pictures and something from Chuck’s address book. I’m interested to see how this plays out and what Jimmy’s plan actually is. Another solid episode!


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