Every time I watch a new episode of Fargo, I’m in awe of how things are woven together. The more I’ve thought about it, the story structure is reminiscent of Larry David’s work (Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld). It has a high concept sitcom style with drama added in. I could go on about how great I think the performances are every week, but I’m going to focus instead on how different story-lines advanced.

The story-line with Gloria seems to be taking the slowest to develop. She was investigating her step-father’s murder and looking more into the sci-fi books she discovered last episode. It seems he used to be a sci-fi writer in the 70s under the pen-name Thaddeus Mobley. Is Thaddeus Mobley his made up name or is Ennis Stussy his made up name? Could he have been going by a pseudonym that accidentally got him killed.

Emmit Stussy’s lawyer, Irv Blumpkin, cannot believe that he and Sy borrowed $1 million from a man they didn’t even know. He decides to look into V.M. Varga by Googling “V.M. Varga.” His online investigation results in him infecting his whole office with a virus. V.M. Varga makes quick work of Blumpkin, having him thrown to his death from a level of a parking garage by… YURI GURKA! This was the name that the man was questioned about in the opening of last week’s episode!

Of course the main story-line of the season is the Stussy brothers. Ray has a heart to heart with Emmit that is quite touching. The problem is that this conversation is a distraction while Nikki tries to steal the stamp from Emmit’s office. The stamp is not there when Nikki arrives prompting her to leave a very gross message involving a feminine product. When Emmit finally sees this, it seems to set off an all out war between the brothers.

With the Stussy brother story advancing quite a bit this week, I expect to see more of Gloria’s story next week. I can’t wait!

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