The Flash returned from a 4 week break with a killer episode! This episode really highlighted 2 recurring themes of the show: family and predestination. The show started off with a fight between Caitlin (As Killer Frost) and Team Flash, with Caitlin eventually running away. Barry once again travelled to the future, but this time it was to try to discover Savitar’s identity by talking to the future Barry Allen. As with most plans concerning time travel, it does not go smoothly.

Barry discovers a very troubling future. Team Flash has been dismantled. Cisco now has Luke Skywalker hands after Killer Frost froze his real hands, thus taking away his powers. He also has turned into a sad “remember the good old days”/”let’s get the band back together” dude. Speaking of Killer Frost, she knows Savitar’s identity after teaming up with him, but will not tell Barry anytthing besides the fact that he will be “so surprised.” Wally has become paralyzed and catatonic after a fight with Savitar in which he was trying to avenge Iris’ death. Yes, Iris has died. Joe West is obviously broken as well.

H.R. is the only one that seems to be doing well. He has become a best selling super hero/romance author that makes the ladies swoon! The worst fate of anyone is none other than Barry Allen. Iris’ death has made Barry go full emo and he has completely given up.

Eventually, Barry is able to reunite the future Team Flash and hopefully make the future city safer. Future Barry gives Barry a drive?device? that has information on how to trap Savitar in the speed force. However, he said that the scientist it belongs to did not figure it all out until 4 years after Iris died, so it might not be of much help.

The part of this episode that was really momentous was the epilogue. Killer Frost is confronted by Savitar and asked to join him. She is hesitant until he reveals his identity. Caitlin complies immediately when she sees who he is! This tells us that it has to be someone we are familiar with. The promo for next week shows that the audience will finally discover his identity.  Who is he? Ronnie? A future version of Barry? I can’t wait for next week!

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