After a long hiatus, Gotham is finally back! The latest episode answered some of the questions the season finale left open. Penguin is alive… I can’t believe it! Just kidding, no one really dies on Gotham. We did learn he is with Ivy though.

In addition, it looks as though Jim Gordon is a major part of the Court of Owls plans. Speaking of the Court of Owls, Bruce’s doppelganger finally took his place and is ready to implement the Court’s plans. Before this happened, Bruce showed early signs of Batman as he took on multiple thugs at once.

The main storyline of the episode was the focus on Edward Nygma becoming The Riddler. This unfolded by Nygma acting as a serial killer of smart people that could not solve his riddles to his liking. I really enjoyed the role of Lucius Fox in the episode and seeing Harvey Bullock continue to step up in Jim’s absence.

Overall, Gotham continues to be silly, but intriguing. I understand how people that are very rigid when it comes to Batman mythology might find the show annoying. However, I find it to be a pulpy and enjoyable blend of New 52 comics, established Batman tropes, and original stories.

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