Wow! I love this show more each week. Every episode is dense and hard to summarize, but I have some general observations. First off, can we give an Emmy to Carrie Coon right now? Even if they haven’t watched any other episode, just send this episode to the judges and let them confirm it. She gave one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in television. This episode was focused on her character, Nora, and she just absolutely killed it!

The mid 80s/early 90s sitcom Perfect Strangers continued to have a role on the show, but this time was more prominent than the first two seasons. The episode was named after one of the main character’s catchphrase and the credits opened with the Perfect Strangers theme song. A dramatic solo piano version of the theme song was also used in the episode. One of the stars of Perfect Strangers, Mark Linn-Baker, made his return to the show as well. Even though there was always a comic relief overtone to Perfect Strangers references, Mark Linn-Baker’s appearance was actually quite serious and contributed to the plot. He provided a great performance and revealed his pain from being the only cast member out of 4 that didn’t depart. This was powerful in mirroring Nora being the one of 4 family members that didn’t depart.

Some of the big reveals in this episode included finding out where Lily is (Nora allowed her to be returned to her biological mother), why Nora had a cast (covering a “Wu-Tang Band” tattoo that was covering a tattoo of her children’s names), and how Nora would react to Kevin suffocating himself (she got it).

Beyond the above moments, there were 2 very important story-lines (I said these episodes were dense). First, we learned the backstory and fate of the bearded tower man in Miracle. He passed away and his body was hidden in an effort to make people think he departed. This showed people’s willingness to back up a story that they want to believe. However, Nora exposed this lie by posting his autopsy photo in the middle of town. I think this was Nora owning her own pain of losing her family to departure and not allowing others to manufacture it.

This bring us to the other important story-line, the ending. Four women on horses (4 Horsewomen of the Apocalypse?) approach a police chief in Australia. They ask him if his name is Kevin. He confirms it. This leads them to drown him in a lake, believing he will come back to life and confirm his identity as the Kevin they are looking for. He dies and the episode ends with Kevin Garvey Sr. asking what is happening. From the previews, it looks like next week will focus on Kevin Garvey Sr. and his quest in Australia to prevent the apocalypse.

I cannot wait to find out where all of this goes and I am excited for/dreading the finale in weeks to come!

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