Doctor Who came back a week ago, but I just got a chance to catch up. After watching the first 2 episodes, I am ecstatic for this season.

A lot of headlines with made about Doctor Who having it’s first openly gay companion. However, the real story is how great of a companion she is. Pearl Mackie is fantastic as the new companion, Bill. I do not think I have been invested in a companion this quickly before. It usually takes some time to get to know them and then you don’t now how the show will go on without them. This time, Pearl Mackie was allowed to show a wide range of emotion and round out her character in the very first episode. Her overall personality is eccentric and intelligent. By showing her backstory of not really knowing her mom and her reaction to the photos of her mom appearing, there was an instant connection and empathy I had for her.

Peter Capaldi continues to be fantastic. Just like every other Doctor, right when they are in their prime, it seems they leave. I’m not looking forward to Capaldi’s exit. He’s really brought a different feel to the show after having relatively young Doctors since the show returned in 2005.

The first two episodes had a horror vibe overlapping with the sci-fi Doctor Who provides. The preview for the rest of the season seems to show this season embracing a dark tone, which suits the 12th Doctor well.

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